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Laohuzui Terrace Scenic Spot, Yuanyang, Yunnan, China
Ricefield Patterns #2 by Chaluntorn Preeyasombat

Laohuzui Terrace Scenic Spot, Yuanyang, Yunnan, China

Ricefield Patterns #2 by Chaluntorn Preeyasombat

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me when writing an essay

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No amount of science can conceal such a massive dorky crush.

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She’s like a black sausage with arms.


She’s like a black sausage with arms.

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Coffee porn.     (Cinemagraphs and gifs from this cool article.)

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when ur wife invites a bee over for dinner and he sits in ur spot


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David Tennant + kids
↳It’s quite overwhelming actually. The sort of things that kids sometimes say to you. You think, ooh that’s me, that’s exactly how I felt. And then of course you think, I don’t want to ruin this moment. I want to fulfill this moment for this little kid.

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i want to live by the ocean but also in the forest but also in the mountains but also in a big city but also in the countryside u feel me

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A wise king never seeks out war, but he must always be ready for it.

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fuuck your bedtime mom. its probably like 5 am in china right now. time is a human construction that doesnt even exisgt. if u reject time you can transcend it. please i want to play halo

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the story of a man and his unlikely friend

He’s probably from Florida

Florida Man Befriends Trespassing But Friendly Orange

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you are a pretentious prick who is also a transphobic piece of trash, go to hell



There is so much of this stuff in my ask box, and most of it not even anonymous, but I don’t want to call out any particular user because I know they’ll then get a lot of hateful asks and the cycle will just continue.

First off, there’s a comma splice in your ask. I just have to let you know that, on account of how I’m a pretentious prick.

I hope that I’m not transphobic. I’ve been public and vocal in my support for the rights of trans people for years, and I’ve tried over the years to amplify trans voices rather than pretending to be able to speak for them. 

Look, I am a person, and I am not a particularly good one. I am screwed up and make a lot of mistakes. But I am not a piece of trash. I would imagine that you are also screwed up and make a lot of mistakes, but you aren’t a piece of trash either.

But it is still hurtful—very hurtful—to hear people call me a piece of trash. It just makes me sad to hear, the way I think it would make most people sad to hear. The certainty and lack of nuance in that characterization reflects a broader lack of nuance in online discourse these days that just bums me out. 

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Disney Princess Movies before and after name changes.

"how can we improve these titles?"

"… adjectives

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